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What is pest control?

Posted by Chengyang Luo on

When you hear the word” pest”, what would be in your mind?  

Some people will say bugs or insects are pest, while others think raccoon, squirrel, mice or rats are pest. So, what is pest control ?

According to wikipedia, “pest” means a plant or animal detrimental to humans or human concerns (as agriculture or livestock production) alternative meanings include organisms that cause nuisance and epidemic disease associated with high mortality (specifically: plague). In its broadest sense, a pest is a competitor of humanity.

In other words, a “pest” is any insect, rodent or wildlife which is consider not necessary. Because they invade people’s homes or business, sometimes, they will cause damage or heighten the risk of communication a disease or illness.

So, pest control means the process of managing or removing pests from your home or your business, sometimes, it would be done by using deterrents or repellents.

There are many methods to manage or control pests. Killing them by yourself is one of the common method that most people will use, and some people will call the exterminator service to do that instead.

pest control service

However, more and more people start to use the methods of humane pest control recently. Such as using sound to deter or repel pests, or making changes around the proper to prevent pests from entering. It is better to have some measures to prevent the pest, but if the problem already exists, then the pests have to be removed first.

Usually, insects and wildlife will enter the buildings via attic, basement, and roof. They come the building to seek food, shelter or warmth.

As a homeowner, you can do something to ensure that your house don’t provide an environment that’s attractive to pests. For example, at your house inside, keep your floor and space clean and unclutered, no easy hiding places.

Outside your house, don’t stack firewood, or other items near the house, and keep the tree branches trimmed away from the home. Cover up any obvious areas where pests might try to enter.

You also can find a professional company who provide pest control service, which would be a great help to prevent or control the pests.

They can help you to confirm whether there are pests or not exactly. Because sometimes, it would be difficult for you to ensure that. You are suspecting there may be pests when you hear noises, but you cannot find where it is. So, the pest control company can do that for you.

They will point out where pests are entering the home, deal with any existed pest at your home, tell you whether there is any damage because of the pests, etc.

Some services may use bait or traps, and if you have pest at home, please be sure that the methods they used containing toxic or not.

No matter what kinds of method you are using, the goal of pest control is to remove any insect or wildlife from the place where you live or work, to prevent or minimize the damage caused by the pest, to reduce the risk of pests spreading a disease or illness to people.


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