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How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs

Posted by Chengyang Luo on

Introduction of how to get rid of bed bugs

Having a good night sleep is what helps us live a healthy life by recharging and revitalizing our energies but we can’t enjoy it if we get constantly disturbed by bed bugs.

If you have some experience in this area, you would agree to the fact that it is a tough job to get rid of bed bugs.

As a matter of fact, it is a pretty complicated process and we need to choose the perfect option to free our homes from bed bugs once and for all.

Taking care of the bed bug situation at your home can be tough but you need to know that it is completely doable. Some of the most effective bed bugs treatments in this regard are discussed in the sections below for your convenience and understanding.


Cleaning our house properly can prove to be really helpful when you are trying to cater the bed bugs situation at your home. Different bedding items like comforters, mattress covers, pillow covers and bed covers need to be checked for the presence of bed bugs on a regular basis. It is strongly recommended to wash these items at the highest possible temperatures in order to make sure that any potential bed bugs are completely eliminated. In case you send out your stuff to dry cleaners, it is very important to warn them about the situation so that they might be able to wash your items separately. This way, the dry cleaners would wash your stuff using the optimum temperature levels while you would not be risking other people’s stuff with the possibility of bed bug infestations.

How to get rid of bed bugs


Vacuuming has always proved to be a fine solution whenever you are working on any kind of cleaning project. If you are suffering from a bed bugs situation at home, making use of a good quality vacuum cleaner is highly recommended. You need to vacuum all the crevices in your house on a regular basis. Focusing the areas around your bed would be really helpful in this regard. Keep in mind that vacuuming won’t be able to completely free your house from bed bug infestations but it would lay the ground work for you before you try out other treatments.

When you are vacuuming, it is strongly recommended to make use of scrapers for scraping the sides of your bed and all the other probable hideouts for bedbugs. This way, you would be able to dislodge any of the bed bug eggs and vacuuming them would take them out forever. In order to make sure of that, put the vacuuming contents in a big plastic bag, seal it off completely and take it as far away from your house as possible. The plastic bag needs to be properly labeled about its contents so that no one takes it home for recycling purposes.

Bed bugs

Rubbing alcohol

Rubbing alcohol is easily available in the market. It contains almost 70% pure isopropyl alcohol or ethanol that is known to be highly effective against bed bugs. Keep in mind that it is highly flammable so proper caution needs to be taken. After taking the right precautionary measures, it is now time to get some action.

The best way to use rubbing alcohol against bed bugs is by putting it into a spray flask and showering an appropriate amount at probable bedbug hideouts. The spray application might also be carried out in collaboration with scraping treatment to make sure that the rubbing alcohol gets to the very bottom of the surface, thus killing off the bed bugs completely.


Steam cleaning

Steam cleaning is yet another handy technique that comes in very handy for getting rid of bed bugs. It is used by majority of the pest control companies out there for treatment of bed bug infestations. The reason behind this extensive use is that it is one of the most natural and safest ways of killing the bed bugs. All you need to do is to get a good quality steamer and then start off with steam cleaning all the probable bed bug hideouts in your house. Care should be taking before buying a steamer as you want to buy one that supports a temperature range that goes as high as up to 200 degrees.

Get rid of bed bugs

Diatomaceous Earth

Diatomaceous Earth is a powder that is known to be very effective when it comes to killing bed bugs. Once you have applied it to your furniture in the appropriate amounts, you would see its results as they are pretty noticeable. The mechanism of this powder is based upon dehydration. It creates an atmosphere that sucks the moisture out of the air and the bed bugs get killed eventually. You may find this product in the market in a number of different categories. Some of these are even toxic for use. So it is strongly recommended to get the one that is safe for home use. While you are working on the application of this product, make sure to take the right precautionary measures. Otherwise you might sustain some damages from exposure to the product.

get rid of bedbugs

Mattress covers

Majority of the people think of mattress covers as a preventive measure to keep bed bugs from propagating. But as a matter of fact, mattress covers turn out to be really effective in getting rid of bed bugs as well. When you put a cover on your mattress, it cuts the bed bugs off the rest of the world which means that they get isolated from food supplies as well as fresh air. So with the passage of time, every single one of the bed bugs gets killed off.

Get rid of bed bugs


There are a number of different kinds of pesticides available in the market. If you are planning on getting rid of bed bugs using pesticides, it is recommended to get the ones that are created for the very purpose of doing so. It is also advisable to take appropriate precautionary measures while using these chemicals as they can be hazardous to your health.

Bed bugs


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