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How to find the best pest control service?

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Why Do You Need Pest Control Services?

Every home has its own share of unwanted critters. These invasive creatures not only leave behind a trail of mess, but they can also hamper the peace of you and your loved ones by causing allergic reactions.

However, you can take a lot of steps to control pests like bed bugs, termites, spiders and rodents in your home. Some pest control measures can be done as DIY projects while others, like eradication of bedbugs may require the input of professional pest control services.

The truth is that any kind of pest infestation makes it difficult to stay calm. Yet, every season comes accompanied by its own tiny household invaders; some being more dangerous than others.

While pests like spiders may bite, others like cockroaches may cause chaos by spreading germs and diseases; since they crawl over open food and leave their waste, bacteria from their gut or dead skin on it. Rats can bite causing rat bite fever and their urine has been shown to facilitate the spread of leptospirosis.

There are also the tinier-than-life pests; the bed bugs. These can literally make your life a living hell.

Pest control service


Have you ever asked yourself how these pests may get into your house? Do you wonder where they even come from?

Pests naturally live in the wild, which is anywhere and everywhere outside your home. Just like you, they don’t find the wild comfortable especially when the weather changes.

The shifts in outdoor conditions compel them to seek a hibernation spot, which can be your home if they get easy access. This is a survival mechanism that ensures they won’t get eliminated by the harsh weather conditions.

Pests can enter your home through windows and doors that are not tightly sealed. They are tiny and can wriggle through the tiniest opening, like a hole in your window. They can also get in through the ventilation system, heating system and cables that pass through the walls of your home.

Have you ever seen that small gap between your house’s siding and trim? Or that small crevice where the wall joins the foundation? These are the temporary homes of pests as they seek a passage to get to the interior of your home.

Pest control service

As for the bed loving pests, you yourself, your family and friends are their companions. These little blood-thirsty creatures use humans as their primary means of transportation. Their small, flat size makes it easy for them to camouflage in a bedroom clutter, baseboards, carpets, furniture, bedding, bed frames and most notoriously, mattresses.

It is difficult to spot them in the sutures of a mattress, although the black stains of their excrement and blood stains where they have been crushed may accidentally betray them.

Controlling a pest invasion in your home can be challenging. You may not be skilled at handling certain kinds of pests. You can use lots of money, energy and time trying out different DIY methods, such as expensive traps and insect repellents which may not give much positive results.

Eventually, you will see that it is wiser to give the job to professionals so that the ‘operation flash the pests’ can be carried out effectively and conclusively.

Some of the benefits of hiring pest control services include;

  1. Cost  

Paying a pest control provider a fee regularly until your home is pest-free may seem very expensive. But if you compare this with the damage the pest will cost both to your health and the health of your house, you will see that hiring pest control services is better.

Why would anyone want to lose many nights of sleep, go through the embarrassment of being spotted with a bed bug in public, or even risk spreading bedbugs to workmates, family, and friends if they can completely get rid of these pests with a small fee?

Most people who have battled pest infestation will agree that it is easier and cheaper to prevent or control pests than getting rid of them after they have taken over their homes. Prevention is way cheaper than eradication and repairs when it comes to pest control.

  1. DIY pest control can be dangerous

Using the wrong pest elimination method can be dangerous and may rather escalate the problem.  

For example, killing an Africanized bee may attract the hive which may swarm your home. Killing one mouse wrongly may make the others scatter, spreading a disease more rapidly.

However, professional pest control service providers usually use an exterminator to completely eradicate the pests. Since they are trained, they are informed of the effective ways of dealing with potential risks with the nests and they also know where to fish out pests that are good at hiding, like the bedbugs.

  1. Time saving

It’s highly unlikely that you will be able to spend sufficient time in taking care of the bed bug infestation in your home. Pest control products also work best at certain times. If used wrongly, the pest can get immune to the treatment, making you waste your time and money.

Pest control companies undertake research on the most effective products for controlling varying types of pests. The professionals know the number of treatments required to completely eradicate pests like bed bugs.

They may also do a free inspection and write a report with every treatment so that they are sure that their recommended product is working. The best part about hiring pest control services is that pest elimination is their main job. They will be willing to work around your schedule to prevent any inconvenience for you.

  1. Hazardous products

Although green products that are safe for your home and the environment are produced regularly, most pest control products on the market are hazardous. 

Pest control service providers have the technical know-how regarding how to use the hazardous products in a way that ensures they will achieve the goal of pest elimination while, at the same time, keeping your family’s safety a top priority.

  1. Tailored plans

Every person values their home and wants the best protection against all types of invaders, including pests. When you contact a pest control provider to eradicate the bedbugs in your home, they will first do an inspection before coming up with a customized plan specific to your needs.

Some of the factors taken into consideration when making a decision on the treatment method include the level of infestation, the size of your home, and long-term prevention. If the infestation has extended to the neighbors or other areas, like your office, the pest control warriors will carry out treatment in those areas too.

  1. Peace of mind

Nothing is as annoying as knowing you have completely eradicated every single bed bug from your home only to be disturbed by one on the first night following your treatment.

DIY pest control procedures will still leave you feeling nervous and paranoid about the pests reproducing. The truth is that if you leave even one pest alive, it may reproduce and awaken your pest problem.

Employing pest control service providers means that they will do a regular inspection after treatment to be certain that your home is pest-free. The confirmation that there are no more bedbugs in your home will give you peace of mind and enable you to concentrate on other activities.

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The Importance of Pest Control

Pest control is not just beneficial to individuals, but it is important to the public as well. Why? Because the term pest control does not simply refer to the eradication of bedbugs, fleas, ants or spiders, it also means putting bigger pests, like rodents under control. 

Make no mistake about it; every pest has a unique role to play in the ecosystem, even that annoying vampire bed bug. The only reason why it’s recommended to eradicate them from your home is that they also pose risk to the health and comfort of your family members.

Pest control is beneficial for a number of reasons, including:

  • Pests like mosquitoes, ticks, fleas andbedbugs contribute to disease transmission. Some of the diseases that you risk by having a pest infestation at your home include the West Nile Virus, Lyme disease, plague, and malaria.
  • Pests like rodents encourage the distribution of other pests, like mites, ticks, and fleas. Rodents also carry diseases that can be transmitted to other animals and humans.
  • Pests can spread very fast and become a menace in a very short time period. An example of a pest that was previously scarce but now causing headache to pest control professionals is the bed bug. This pest is bad news especially since it is mainly spread by humans.
  • Health regulations, food regulations, and sanitation cannot be achieved without proper pest control practices in place. Did you know that pests can consume up to 50% of total produce if not under constant control? This means the world can be 50% or more food deficient if proper pest control mechanisms are not put in place.
  • Pests are to blame for certain types of allergic reactions. For instance, cockroaches, which are possibly the world’s filthiest insects after flies, are to blame for many cases of childhood asthma. Therefore, pest control for roaches ensures the health of your family members.
  • Can you imagine having bedbugs in your business property and your customers being exposed to them? This can negatively affect the reputation of your company. It will decrease your production rate and the health of your workers and guests. Therefore, pest control is necessary to avoid any down rating and loss of business for your enterprise.

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What can you do to control pest in your home?

Pests may enter your home in small numbers. Their rapid multiplication is what gets the population of the pests to uncontrollable numbers. There are a number of steps you can take to keep pests away from your house or to eliminate and discourage their reproduction when they are still few in numbers.

  • Use the recommended safe over-the-counter pesticides to prevent the entry of pests by killing the ones in the entryway. Pest control professionals recommend spraying openings around windows and doors and also rooms like the attic, basement, and garage. You can also spray over the less visible areas, like tiny cracks on the wall and beneath the sink where the pipe enters the home.
  • It’s important to repair your decks, exterior trim and siding the moment you discover that they have started deteriorating. This will block the passageway for the pests and therefore lock them outside.
  • You can prevent pests from getting into your home by keeping it clean. Apart from bedbugs, most of the other pets mostly look for food. If your kitchen is clean, it will be unattractive for them to come into your home and the ones already in will not multiply as fast and you can kill them easily.
  • Ensure that your trash bins have lids and empty these on a regular basis. The smells from trash bins also attract pests. Keeping your home odor-free will also keep away the pests.
  • How you maintain your garden and compound will also determine the ease will determine the vulnerability of your home to pest infestation. Homes with trimmed foliage and branches away from the house mostly experience fewer incidences of pest infestation.
  • Although regular cleaning, sweeping, dusting and vacuuming your home won’t necessarily keep pests away from your home if there is easy access, it will make you sensitive to any problems under chairs, cupboards and in dingy places.

 Pest control

How to Choose the Best Pest Control Services?

Every homeowner needs the services of pest control companies to curb pest infestation. Pest control companies inspect your home for pests and then use chemical sprays and other treatments to eradicate them.

Although there are over-the-counter products that you can use for DIY pest control, these are not as effective as products used by pest control service providers. The competition amongst providers offering pest control services is so intense today that selecting the best company to hire can be challenging. So, how do you find the best company for the job?

How to find the best pest control serivice ?

  1. Your individual pest control needs and requirements

There are pest control service providers who specialize in control of specific pests. If you want pest control for mice infestation, it won’t make sense to hire a pest control company that specializes on insects.

A specialized pest control company will do research on control of the specific pest and therefore will be updated on the most effective pest control measures and mechanisms to use. If bedbugs are common in your locality, go for a company that has helped other homes in the eradication of the bugs. There are also companies that cover larger pests, such as snakes, wildlife, and birds.

  1. License and registration

The activities of pest control companies are monitored by the Environment Protection Agency and Registration Authority, who will give license to a company that follows the best practices in their pest management. If you are making the decision on the company to hire based on an internet search or recommendation, request for the official card of the company and also question if the company and the staff are registered.

  1. IPM training

Pest control professionals receive special training to be able to do their work effectively. There are also workshops and short courses that they undertake in the course of their profession. Choose a company whose employees are adequately trained on the latest Integrated Pest Management practices.

Professionals who are conversant with the latest IPM methods will be able to determine the cases that need physical, biological and chemical pest control mechanisms. Apart from insects like bed bugs, most other pests can actually be controlled using methods that don’t involve the use of chemicals unless the infestation has advanced to later stages.

  1. Reputation and safety standards

A pest control company’s reputation is an important parameter for measuring their success rate. You can easily tell the reputation of a company by checking their online visibility, their online reviews and sometimes the presentation of their website.  In fact, you can know the professionalism of a pest control company from the content on their website.

Also, consider the safety and precautionary measures that the pest management professional will take when offering you the pest control services. What professional approach will they take? What methods do they use in the administration of the chemical? What protective measure will they take in the control of pests like bedbugs?

  1. Service guarantee

Among the many considerations for the selection of pest control professionals is treatment guarantee. If they are applying chemicals on the beds and the mattress, will they monitor the area that has been treated to ensure that the pests won’t reappear?

Are they willing to come back to the site as many times as possible until you are confident that the bug problem has been completely dealt with? The quality of services provided by a company is directly proportional to their guarantee for their services. They should also assure you of future support so that in the event of another attack, the professionals will be informed of the history of pest control and the alternative pest control mechanisms to put in place.

  1. Cost

The ultimate determinant for selecting a pest control service provider is often the cost.

Pest extermination prices vary greatly between companies for a number of reasons. Factors such as the size of the area to be treated, the severity of the infestation and the region where you live will greatly determine the quotation you will be given.

Note that cheap pest control service offers don’t mean that the company offers poor services at all times. Nonetheless, it is wise to be wary of prices that are below the market offers.

This is mostly dubious and may mean that either the company does not use the best practices in their pest control or they are not confident in the quality of products they are using.  Go for a reputable company that offers the most competitive prices in pest management and control.

Generally, most pest control companies will respond in a day or two so as to offer treatment to your resident or business property. Some companies also offer emergency services, but you may be charged more for these. Ask the technicians for a breakdown of the procedures and the treatment areas that you are paying for. A company should also not charge you for inspection of bed bugs, ants, and termites in order to give you a quote estimate.

The Best Pest Control Services Companies Available

  1. Orkin

orkin pest control

This is a reputed pest control company that started its journey in 1901 having main office in Atlanta. The company provides services in most states in the US except for Wyoming, South Dakota, North Dakota and Alaska.

Orkin pest control service providers offer a solution to practically all pest problems. The company first sends its technicians to do an inspection on the area that you want to be treated and the findings are used to create a tailor-made solution for you.

The options for pest control offered are mainly two; a one-time treatment or regular annual treatment. If you take the annual pest control prevention plan, the technicians will visit your property every month and any other time when you will call them. Once they have applied the treatment, they will notify you of the areas that you and your pet should avoid and the time duration for avoiding these areas.

Orkin provides 24-hour support over phone and also round-the-clock emergency services, so you don’t have to be held hostage by a wasp or bee in your home. Although there is no comprehensive list of the pests that Orkins deal with, there are about 100 pests listed on their website which can help you identify the type of pest control service to call for. Their official website also provides tips on how to prevent future infestations by certain types of pests. 

The cost of pest control by Orkin ranges from $400 to $2,000 or more annually for the monthly or quarterly treatments. The specific quotation will depend on the aggressiveness of your pest problem. For instance, for complete bed bug extermination, expect to pay between $500 and $1500 depending on the method of extermination. The cost will also include consultation fees which basically include a home visit and detailed inspection of the area requiring treatment.

      2. Terminix

terminix pest control

Terminix is a familiar name in the pest control industry. The company provides services to more than 40 states in the US.

Do you have a colony of termites interfering with the foundation of your home? Or raccoons and mice keep appearing in your trash? Terminix can quickly send one of its technicians to survey the area and come up with an extermination plan.

The company offers customized pest control plans as well as annual and one-time treatments. They may also provide emergency pest control services so you can quickly give them a call when you will need urgent pest management.

The first step that Terminix will take when you will call them is to send their technicians to inspect the areas you want to be treated. They will then draw out a treatment strategy which may involve several treatment phases. Terminix is famous for their eco-friendly products and the company tries to minimize the use of harsh chemicals as much as possible.

The charges for pest control by Terminix depend on a number of factors, including the pests that you need to be removed and the size of your home. They will give you a free quotation, but you have to set an appointment involving house visitation and inspection for a more comprehensive quote. Terminix offers both residential and commercial services. This means if you have a bedbug infestation problem, they can trace the root of the problem by inspecting both your workplace and your home.

What pests does Terminix deal with?

This service provider can take care of a number of pests, including bed bugs, ants, termites, rats, mice, mites, moth bats, mosquitoes, cockroaches, and rats. They will do control, removal, elimination, and extermination of pests depending on individual requirements.

All the pests that Terminix deal with are listed on their website library. You can also request for pest control services for pests that are not on the list after making an inquiry because sometimes there are technicians who are able to offer these. All the service plans given by Terminix have a guarantee time period. If you are not satisfied with the results even after a one-time treatment, you can request for extra treatment within the guarantee period.

Bedbug infestation is a common concern of many homeowners. You can create an account of the Terminix website portal where you can manage prevention plans and appointments if you need professional assistance to eliminate bed bugs from your home. You can also identify the types of pest that are bugging you from their library list of more than 150 types of insects, rodents, wildlife and other pests.

Terminix also gives you the knowledge of controlling and eliminating some of the pests on your own from their website. You can request for services that educate you on pest infestation presentation measures.

Terminix technicians use a combination of physical, biological and mechanical pest control methods. If you or your kids are allergic to certain chemicals, they will devise an alternative elimination method for eliminating the pest.

      3. Cook’s

Cook's pest control

 If you live in Tennessee, Mississippi, Georgia, Florida, Arkansas or Alabama, you can seek the services of Cook’s pest control professionals. This company only serves the US states in the south and thus knows the unique types of pests that residents in these areas usually deal with.

Cook's Pest Control Company will offer you an instant quote when you will contact them for queries. Like the other companies, Cook’s also provides two main treatment plans; a one-time treatment and an annual treatment. They use a variety of pest control mechanisms and will choose the least invasive and environmental-friendly method.

Cook’s deals with some of the most annoying pests, including mosquitoes, cockroaches, spiders, termites and ants. Unfortunately, this company does not provide wildlife control services. Thus, you can’t call them to help you with a stray snake or invasive birds in your property.

Like other top pest control service providers, the company gives a guarantee in their service agreement. You can call for re-treatment if you are not satisfied with the treatment offered, whether for a one-time treatment or an annual plan.  

Although you will not find an answer to some of your questions on the Cook’s website, you can click on the links provided to get more information. This company also gives you the opportunity to manage an account online, although you can set up automatic payments or make regular payments from their website.

The Cook’s website is very educative when it comes to prevention of pest intrusion. In their website, you will find information on a variety of pests, like arachnids, termites, mosquitos, ticks, fleas, rodents, ants, spiders and bedbugs. Although this company doesn’t offer emergency services or control of wildlife pests, their prices for the management of other pests are very competitive.


Clark Pest Control

Clark Pest Control Company offers economical pest control services for both the interior and the exterior of your residential or commercial property. This company that was started in 1950 boasts of green pro-certified pest exterminators who deliver 100% effective results.

After being in the industry for many decades, Clark has perfected their mechanism for the eradication of termites, spiders, rodents, birds and bed bugs among other pests listed in their insect glossary. The company operates through 15 states in the USA with 24/7 online services.

When you will contact the company, you will be offered a free same-day pest inspection. After the inspection, you will be given the option for an annual pest-away pest management which will ensure that you live comfortably all throughout the year. Clark also offers lawn care management services for homes that need green lawns.

Clark also has some of the most friendly, responsive and highly trained technicians who will use the latest technology in their pest management services. The company prides in its emphasis on green practices and integrated pest management (IPM), which is the one aspect where it beats most of its competitors. The technicians in this company are GreenPr-certified, which is a big advantage of using their services.

One of the important considerations you should make when selecting a company is its certification status. Clark is QualityPro certified which gives customers the confidence in their services. The company will ensure that they have fulfilled all the requirements for quality inspection, even when they are offering the inspection for free.

To ensure that you are fully satisfied with their services, the company will give you a warranty in the services. You can request for re-treatment within the time period stipulated in the warranty to ensure that you get the complete value for your money.

Clark offers services for both commercial and residential pest controls. Some of the most common pests they mostly manage include spiders, rodents, bedbugs, termites, and birds. Unfortunately, this company doesn’t offer solutions for some big wildlife pests, like snakes. It also doesn't offer emergency pest control services.

If you want a company that offers a guarantee on its services and will respond to your call within 24 hours then Clark is the one to choose. This family owned company is rivaling bigger companies in the quality of pest control services that they present.

      5.Truly Nolen

Truly Nolen Pest Control

Truly Nolen is a pest control service provider that offers services in 15 states in the U.S. They cover a variety of pests, including cockroaches, mosquitoes, spiders, beetles, ants and some wildlife issues, such as problems with stray snakes, opossums, and rabbits.

The long list of services that this company provides is for both commercial and residential customers. If you need help in prevention, removal, control or extermination of both common pests, like spiders and rare pests like specific mites species you can contact them.

The company deals with two options for their services; a one-time treatment plan and seasonal plans. A seasonal plan is a wholesome all-year protection and you can pay for the services using the multiple options provided on their website.  If you want a rough estimate of the cost of a particular pest control service, you simply have to answer a couple of questions and enter some information on the Truly Nolen’s website. For a comprehensive quote for termite or pest services, you have to book an inspection appointment.

After a free inspection of the pest infestation in your commercial property or residence, you will be given a quote for the pest control services that will be offered. The company’s technician will then go ahead and offer treatment as stipulated in the agreement.

After the procedure, he or she will inform you of the areas that were treated and the method that was used. You will then be advised on how to keep away from these areas and the duration of time after which you can access the treated areas. This is a health protection mechanism for your family. Although the company uses pesticides that are eco-friendly, they can still be detrimental to the health of your family members or pets through making direct contact or inhalation.

How much will Truly Nolen charge you for pest extermination?

The charges for pest extermination by Truly Nolen will depend on your specific location, the severity of the pest invasion, and the particular pest causing you sleepless nights. All the services that the company offers are guaranteed. If you are not fully satisfied with the service after the initial treatment, you can request for a return treatment after 24 hours. The company staff can be reached either through the phone number provided on the Truly Nolen website or through online support available round-the-clock.

Once you have created an account on Truly Nolen’s website, you will have access to several resources, like prevention mechanisms for particular pests. Their website also has a library of 100 plus pests from where you can confirm the type you think is a nuisance to you. There are solutions for dealing with pest infestation which you can learn about from the website and perhaps try before making the decision to contact the professional pest exterminators.

Whether it's bees, wasps, termites, mosquitoes, bed bug or rodents that have become a nightmare for you, don’t despair. Truly Nolen is fully equipped with the right tools and mechanisms for controlling the pest that has become a nuisance to you. Complex-to-understand pests, like bed bugs can only be eradicated by the use of a completely integrated pest management program. The bed bug control mechanism should take care of sanitation, material application, and exclusion; processes that can only be accomplished by professionally experienced bug exterminators. 


A pest is any organism – insect or animal or plant - that is invading your personal space. These organisms can interfere with your daily activities, pose health risks and destroy your food and property. Pets like bedbugs will cause you sleepless nights, leading to a decrease in your productivity levels.

Effective pest control can be best carried out by someone knowledgeable about the particular pest and its habitat. Proper identification of the pest and knowledge about its lifestyle usually help pest control professionals come up with the most effective strategy for eliminating these uninvited guests.

Keeping pests away from your home is a daily activity. Like a disease, prevention of pests is better than treating a pest infestation. There is little you can do after pests have infested your home or office. Whether it’s a small insect pest, like a bed bug or a large animal pest, like an opossum, it’s best to call pest control professionals to eliminate them once and for all. 

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